Mar 20, 2022 • 22M

Foundational Living

What is it and how do I do it?

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Getting back to the basics of healthy living. The basic habits your consistently practice are what create your foundation, don't like the way things are going? Check your habits, and your foundation.
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What is foundational living? It is having a set point to come back to as you are out experiencing or adventuring (or surviving) the journey called life. If you don’t have a foundation to come back to , or to live in, it can be overwhelming and scary to try out new things, to feel confident in what you are currently doing, and makes discovering things like who you are, what you like, and how you’d like to experience life.

The 5 steps I outline in this podcast episode gives you the basics on how to start figuring out your foundation. Did you read that, your foundation, not mine, not the foundation I or someone else thinks you should have but, you the foundation that you feel the very best about.

Step 1: write down the things you know you feel better when you are doing them, all of them (don’t worry they all won’t make the cut to be part of your foundation , the few that support the rest will). Consider all areas including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Step 2: Create a really realistic, basic outline/routine for implementation. If this is new territory for you pick on thing from each area, or start even smaller and pick one thing from one area, it can be the one that seems the easiest. The most important part here is picking something that you will experience the greatest consistency with.

Step 3:Decide on an implementation date. You current choices may have a lot of loose ends (or a few) that it will serve you best to dig in and wrap up before you start. Be cautious to not justify things that can wait as a priority.

Step 4: Put yourself in a holding period. You will stick to the outline, with weekly check-ins for MINOR adjustments. You will also hold yourself accountable to NOT pulling the plug as you feel better OR start something new that promises quicker results.

Step 5: Stay the course. Review frequently. Keep it simple. Think in terms of having a foundation that you’ll be able to live with when you are 85. This creation is about a lifestyle NOT a quick fix.

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