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Choosing Not to Forgive

Choosing Not to Forgive

What if the path to forgiveness was not forgiving?

Welcome to my first podcast episode! Taking the life coaching out of the office and into the streets with podcasting. My husband said it sounds more like audible than a podcast, I'm excited to continue learning about podcasting while I do it. Is there a question about your life you'd like me to cover? Email me at thedailymarci at gmail dot com.

What if the path to forgiveness was choosing not to?

In this episode you'll learn about how choosing not to forgive and instead focusing your energies on healing in other ways and places will make forgiveness easier when the time is right.

You will learn about setting boundaries, personal accountability, non-attachment, healing, and personal growth.

Visit to get the access to the journal prompts and affirmations for the week in addition to a 20 minute guided meditation. If you'd like to support me in continuing to create this content consider becoming a paying subscriber.

Thank you!

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