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Apr 10, 2022

Hi, Hello! I wanted to show my face and my voice here on The Daily Marci. One of the lessons I have learned in sharing my coaching stuff, is that in person I am extremely personable, once you put a camera in front of my face, or pen to paper I can become a bit robotic. It’s been a fun (some parts definitely others not so much) as I’m learning and growing and trusting my personality and knowledge to shine through in all media and real life forms.

This week I got a journal that works hand in hand with the emails you get from me created and uploaded to Amazon, this will hopefully make this daily reminder even more useful. I’m waiting to have it back from being reviewed and then it will be published and available for purchase.

In a few weeks I will have the option available to get reminders via text. I’ve had feedback that checking emails isn’t as easy as checking text messages. If I am going to stay true to my brand the path of least resistance will be something I’m always doing my best to provide you.

Feel free to respond to the emails, the messages come directly to me. I know that when I read things I have thoughts and feelings, and while writing them down are awesome sometimes I want someone to share them with, I can be that person for you.

This weeks journal prompt is I am willing, instead of the content being a series for the week each post stands alone, the journal prompts support the post for each day, check them out they aren’t what you may be expecting. Have a great week!


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